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For over a two decades, the founder of WOLVYN has been pushing boundaries in the pursuit of perfection. From the early humble days as a carpenter, to our current days as an uber luxury design build firm; our founder Alfredo Navarro has always pursued beauty and excellent craftsmanship in every project. Join us on a journey of discovery, as we forge boldly into the future of luxury homes.


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WOLVYN was established in 1985 by a master carpenter/cabinet maker. From the very first day, the vision was to pick up where others would leave off.  In the early days, Alfredo was always hired as a sub-contractor by other prestigious firms in Los Angeles, California. Those firms knew that upon hiring Alfredo, they could expect perfection for their discerning high end clientele. Alfredo knew he had something special going on when his name was being dropped among huge names. Those names included A-list celebrities, billionaires, and even royalty who had homes here in the US.

Today, WOLVYN still strives for the best results for the best clients. Through the years WOLVYN has gained exceptional knowledge and skill to continue to exceed expectations. Alfredo's sons who have joined the team, follow in their father's footsteps in pursuit of keeping the legacy alive and the vision strong. 

Whether you need a new kitchen or your next dream home built, WOLVYN has the right convictions and knowledge to ensure the end result is no less than perfect. 

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Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen
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French Country kitchen
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